Monday, October 23, 2017

Generic Phone Ring Holder

This is a powerful adhesive ring for iPhone and Galaxy ,with very fashionable design.
With the ring, you can use one hand to take photos, or control the mobile phone or tablets.
And it will prevent your phone to be falling on the ground while making calls or taking photos.
Also,it can be used as a stand, you can easily to input or play games or watch videos.BUY ONE NOW>>>>CLICK

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Kenya member of parliament petition to have Maraga removed

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


what does this evil group gain by killing innocent people.........wondering loudly

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Fear is the order of the day  for common university students,
,first you fear that the lecturer who is marking your exam might be biased on your cos of your name(it reveal your region,tribe),secondly you fear that your might fail thus facing a retake NOTICE knowledge acquiring  not mention ..........blame poor Kenyan educational system.
thirdly you fear that at the end of your course your might not secure a job despite those cruel four year at college
fourth you fear that due to fee problem  next semester your not might not step in the college gate ,fifth every moment in the lecture hall and cubes are lived in fear cause  alshabab might come knocking any time........RIP Garissa fallen hero.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Recover your deleted file.

Storing sensitive document as been headache to many people but their some solution which can be done to put your document in save place from preying eyes where you are the only one who know were they are.
So simple:

You store your doc in folder which are rearly open
1}Delete folder>>>>Recyce bin you can restore when you to what to use them.

2}delete doc>>>> empty recycle bin
then you can still get those doc just by:
click START BUTTON>>>>select ALL PROGRAMS>>>>select ACCESORIES>>>>then WINDOW EXPLORER.then ur their just staring you....

lack of knowledge or mere ignorance.

Could Kenya be producing unbaked police personal or it the natural neglects we have in the police force...its truly ironical that the number of police officers we lost in death valley of BARAGOLI valley are more much in number than the police we lost in the Somali land...SOMETHING NOT WHAT ITS SUPPOSED TO BE IN TERM OF these officer ever have GIS knowledge...know it on the police imposter Mr.Waigajo no clear report given yet. iyo nayo tutasema aje!!!!nkt!

zimbabwe craziness.

Some thing are only heard on African land ati uncle bob country a/c as run out of money just afew dollar equivalent to(15000ksh)...but what its really amazing Mugabe wife is just too extravagance, building new mason and driving new cars,trip to foreign countries is that not very high level of craziness...